Although our 4000 square foot banner has flown over many other Super Bowl events, reaching over 130,000 football fans at Super Bowl 45, we recently expanded our efforts and wrote a message in the sky over the San Francisco Bay area for Super Bowl 50. Skywriting is one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising because it creates a unique attraction as viewers feel like they have just entered an air-show while the message is showcased up to 15 miles away. Letters as tall as the Empire State Building are created by a team of 5 airplanes flying in formation, working in sync, to write messages using a dot matrix system. It truly captivates an audience as they take time to watch the entire message being built. Through our exclusive aerial advertisement provider Airsign, and an Emmy award winning videographer, Allevin Productions, our message was again captured on video to be further used to demonstrate the Lord’s desire to see all come to know Him as their savior.

Our banner portrays an important question and the reference to a single verse that tells the audience how they may reach heaven: Jesus said, “I am the way…” in John 14:6. But by expanding to the written text "Ask Jesus to Save You", displayed above the Super Bowl 50 venue and the surrounding community, we pray our message reached the hearts of all those who saw it – possibly many hundreds of thousands of people whom God loves so very much.

You may not know how to reach heaven right now, but there is great news, you can! The Bible says that you can know that you are going to spend eternity there! If you have questions regarding how to find both peace in this life and a home in heaven, be sure to read “His Message”.

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