For those who are unable to get outdoors to a sporting event or to travel long distances by car, our ministry seeks to reach out to people right where they are most comfortable - in their own living room. This allows them time to ponder and consider the question at hand. God earnestly desires for those who would seek Him to find the answer and to experience joy and peace in their lives knowing their sins have been forgiven and their ultimate eternal destination is heaven.

Sometimes people are simply in need of encouragement knowing that they are precious to God. He created us all in our mother’s womb and has a great plan for our lives. Even when no one else knows or understands us, God knows how awesome we are. He knows the number of hairs on our head. He knows our thoughts and the passion of our hearts. He understands. And, because holidays are often difficult, we created a special message of hope to remind people everywhere that they are priceless in his eyes. He loves every one of us.

Our question and our special message of encouragement and hope has been posed to TV watchers in college dorm rooms, in the lobby of nursing homes and hospitals, in prisons, and even during the 6 o’clock news at the local diner. Television offers opportunities to convey his important communication to everyone everywhere - with endless possibilities for reaching specific target audiences at the perfect time of day. It is our prayer that God will touch the hearts of those viewers who are seeking resolution to life’s daily questions thereby finding peace through Jesus Christ.

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