The Second Miracle on the Hudson

A small plane, towing our banner, was forced to make an emergency landing in the Staten Island landfill that holds the debris from the 9/11 terror attacks. Flown on the one year anniversary of US Airways safe landing on the Hudson River in New York, commonly referred to as the "Miracle on the Hudson," there was a celebration of life that day, commemorating the valiant efforts of the plane's crew and numerous rescue staff.

Except for a blown cylinder in the engine, Airsigns' airplane landed safely in good condition with no injuries not having flown the message for the thousands of people that might have seen it that day. However, since there was an emergency distress call, the media picked up the news event and carried it from its origin in New York, across this great nation and on into Canada. The Lord reached many more people than originally intended with the media coverage that was received because the event was covered with news reporting on the radio and television. The banner photo was repeatedly shown on the internet and television news.

But even better, God saved Daniel, the pilot of that little plane, just as he did Mr. Sullenberger and all those passengers making it just as much an unforgettable and spectacular event for him as it was for all those people the year before. The pilot put that plane down with the same courage and ability to act under pressure with the hand of God guiding him. No one on the ground was hurt. The motorists who saw the banner fall to the ground witnessed no trouble, no building was touched and the banner was recovered in mint condition. So many bad things could have happened, but they didn't and that was only by the grace of God. The Almighty protected all those people on Sully’s plane, then turned around and did the same thing again for Daniel and all the people on the ground, making the whole anniversary even more amazing. That is what we celebrate about our awesome God!

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