Testimonies of Healing, Faith, Divine Intervention and Answered Prayers

Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he hath done for my soul.

Psalm 66:16

How God Healed Me

It was May 22 when I stopped sleeping. Oh, it wasn’t my choice. I wanted to sleep. Prior to that day I was a world class sleeper. But the next day, I desperately wanted to sleep. But no matter what I did, sleep would not come.

Three Powerful Words

After boarding the plane for what was to be a three hour flight, I noticed a beautiful 11 month old girl sitting in her mothers’ lap two rows ahead of us, just bubbling with joy and quiet laughter. However, after the plane gained altitude, she began a fitful cry which quickly became a continuous annoying scream.

A Mother's Prayer

I left my office to get some lunch that hot July day. As I approached the intersection, a young woman walked across the street in front of me. She was headed east. I turned west in the opposite direction and prayed that the Lord would bless her. After I drove about three blocks, I knew in the depths of my being I was supposed to help her. I turned the car around and caught up to her, pulled over and picked her up.

Look At Me!

As I stood at her front door in the cold dampness, I almost didn’t recognize her as she came into sight. This beautiful woman, of both inner spirit and exterior presence, heard my voice as her husband opened the door to greet me. She was surprised that I had come but rejoiced to see me and quickly encouraged me to join her back in their bedroom. Most of her family had arrived to celebrate an early Christmas and I hated that I was interrupting their gathering, but the Lord had sent me and she gladly received me hoping that we could pray together.

The Dreaded Phone Call

As I grieved over the death of a dear Christian friend of mine, I sat pondering the scriptures concerning widows and orphans, and all the promises the Lord has made to them—as well as our responsibilities as Christians according to the Word.

A Cooling Breeze

My husband and I drove to a neighboring town to have dinner. We arrived in the early afternoon and decided to go to the home improvement store to kill some time. As we browsed, my husband noticed a display of desktop fans and reminded me that the one in the bedroom had made significant noise the night before. He wanted to purchase a new one.


What would you do if you saw your neighbor’s house on fire and you knew that they or their children were probably still in the house?

As you watched the flames shooting up through the roof and smoke billowing out of the building, would you simply call 911? Or would you rush over there and bang on the doors and windows until you knew that they were safe?

I hope the real life stories above have encouraged you. We've all had situations where God has nudged us to act and reach out to help others through His love. Maybe it seemed a little bit crazy at the time, but in the end, someone was impacted by that action. Maybe it was simply picking up the phone and calling someone; maybe it was something more. I don't know, but its YOUR story. We would cherish the opportunity to hear it if you would be inclined to share.

Or, if our scripture cards have touched someone you love, please write to us today and let us know how God's Word has made a difference in their life! May the God of Love bless you and yours today!