Look At Me!

As I stood at her front door in the cold dampness, I almost didn’t recognize her as she came into sight. This beautiful woman, of both inner spirit and exterior presence, heard my voice as her husband opened the door to greet me. She was surprised that I had come but rejoiced to see me and quickly encouraged me to join her back in their bedroom. Most of her family had arrived to celebrate an early Christmas and I hated that I was interrupting their gathering, but the Lord had sent me and she gladly received me hoping that we could pray together.

As she settled down in her make-up chair, she explained that she had recently undergone back surgery and was still experiencing back pain, requiring much help to even exit her chair just a few moments before. Her hair was disheveled, and her eyes weary, but I distinctly noticed that her normally joyful countenance was affected the most. She then overheard her daughter and son-in-law arrive and announced that to me. With all the fuss of greetings and hugs down the hall, I arose and shut the door. I didn’t want our prayer to be hindered in any way. She said, almost in a whisper, “let us pray together before you have to leave.”

I knelt down beside her chair, praying simply that the Lord would heal her according to the blood payment that Jesus made when He ushered in the better covenant. As did Moses, I called all heaven and earth to witness our request, in the holy name of Jesus Christ.

“You told the ruler of the synagogue to “”only believe””. And, that’s what we are going to do. That’s what we are choosing to do, right now.”

Tears flowed freely from my eyes. As she handed me a tissue, I looked up at her to thank her. In that moment, she jubilantly proclaimed, “Look at me!!, Look at me Karen! I already feel better!”

She absolutely did. Her whole countenance had changed. The sparkle of her eyes was back and a glorious smile filled her face. She was completely renewed and rejuvenated.

“I have the strength to go on now!” she said

“Keep praising His name! and go have a great celebration,” I declared.

I arose and left her to spiff up her hair and put on a little make-up walking through the dark house to the doorway. I asked her husband if I could say hello to her daughter before I left. He ushered me to the kitchen where my dear friend and her husband hugged me. Mutual greetings were exchanged momentarily and I excused myself, realizing once again that many of their other family members were there, waiting to munch on a great feast being prepared.

As my friend walked me out, she remarked, “Its interesting that the Lord put my mother on your heart today…” her comment trailed off with her lost in her thoughts. I didn’t know what she meant by that, except that perhaps the gathering had been planned for some time to which I knew nothing about.

I thanked God for sending me and for faithfully answering our prayer of faith. He can testify to His love and grace so much better than we can by restoring people for all the world to see.

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