Seven billboard signs hung at various times, and various locations throughout the city. Some lasted one month, some longer, all at the discretion of the advertising agency. Each one hung in the right place just long enough to accomplish the Lord’s business - the eternal salvation of a precious soul.

The lady, burdened to attend church, visited for the first time. During the altar call, she stepped out in the aisle crying and went down front and asked Jesus Christ to forgive her sin, give her an abundant life here on earth, and give her a home in heaven. The Pastor gave her an opportunity to speak to the audience after she collected herself, and she said, “You just don’t understand. I’ve had one problem after another, and everywhere I went in town, I kept running into these signs.”

God Almighty arranged for those signs to be in the exact location where she was headed, at the exact time that she went to her destination. He loved her so much to arrange the display of the message specifically for her while traveling on her path. And she has found peace and joy through the love of Christ.

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