A Cooling Breeze

My husband and I drove to a neighboring town to have dinner. We arrived in the early afternoon and decided to go to the home improvement store to kill some time. As we browsed, my husband noticed a display of desktop fans and reminded me that the one in the bedroom had made significant noise the night before. He wanted to purchase a new one.

I knew we had another one on the back porch that didn’t make any noise and we could swap it out. I thought he’d drop the idea when he remembered it, but I said nothing. Yet as I waited for him at the checkout stand, I looked up and he was gone. I found him on the aisle where the fans were stocked.

I told him if we’re going to buy a fan, I wanted a pretty one. There was only one attractive fan in display and a clerk had to climb the shelves to get it. The whole time I wondered, Why are we buying this fan?

We went to dinner and then stopped at a hospice facility so I could visit a woman in our church who had battled cancer for some time. I asked her if there was anything she needed or desired.

"I need a fan," she said. She had asked the nurses to bring one earlier in the day, there wasn't one available and it was stifling in her room. She was accustomed to having a fan blow in her face while she rested.

"I have a fan in the car. We just bought it—and I had no idea why we did until now!"

I went out to the car and told my husband I knew why we purchased the fan. We rejoiced that the Lord is so infinitely interested in our needs and desires, and marveled how He had used us for His glory.

And, better yet - the fan in our bedroom never made another annoying sound!

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